Macron warned fishing threat gamble to backfire on France Cause them lot of harm

Fishing threats ‘going to cause a lot of harm’ says expert

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Fishermen’s Organisations Chief Executive Barrie Deas has warned that the threats made by France over the fishing rights row would backfire on the French fishing industry, saying they would “cause a lot of harm”. It came after the Jersey Government-issued more fishing licenses to French boats in an attempt to diffuse the tension between the UK and France.

Most fishermen are facing reduced fishing opportunities this year compared to when we were in the EU.

And trade is of course automatically more difficult.

And now we have, in addition to restrictions in trade, we’ve got these threats coming from the EU.”

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He went on: “I completely agree that you know, these are unreasonable, belligerent noises coming from France, nothing to do really with fishing. 

If it wasn’t fishing, it would be something else in my view.

“The problem is that this is going to cause a lot of harm if those threats are acted on.

It’s going to cause harm to our vessels our members. But I think also the French fishing industry.”

Jersey has issued another 49 fishing licenses to French boats amid fishing row.

The Jersey Government said it was allowing another round of temporary licenses until the end of January. 

The UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned France it had 48 hours to back down on threats, including cutting electricity to Jersey.

France has previously told the UK that Tuesday was the deadline to make a move to allow more French boats to access British waters.

In a post-G20 press conference, Macron warned the UK: “The ball is in Britain’s court.

“If the British make no movement, the measures of 2 November will have to be put in place.”

Liz Truss responded by telling Sky News: “The French have made completely unreasonable threats, including to the Channel Islands and to our fishing industry and they need to withdraw those threats. “

Almost 1,700 EU vessels have been licensed to fish in UK waters.
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