Nicola Sturgeon could adapt Brexit playbook to achieve her dream of Scottish independence

IndyRef2: McEwen on how Scotland could learn from Brexit

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Professor Nicola McEwen of the think tank UK in a changing Europe highlighted the similarities between Brexit and Nicola Sturgeon’s desire for an independent Scotland. During an interview with, Professor McEwen emphasised the importance of clarity regarding Scottish independence. Like with Brexit, she argued it could be beneficial to break down independence into two parts, a withdrawal agreement from the UK and what the future relationship would be like.

She also reiterated the importance of clarity on the future between the UK and an independent Scotland due to sharing a border.

Professor McEwen said: “I think there could be more emphasis that Scottish independence would be a process, not an event.

“This can also be said about Brexit.

“I think there is a lot that we can learn from the Brexit process about how Scotland could theoretically become independent and what that would mean in terms of negotiating with the rest of the UK in the first instance.

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“You can use the language of Brexit if you like, a withdrawal agreement and a future relationship.

“Thinking about these two things, what would withdrawal look like, there is often a lot more emphasis put on that in terms of divisions of assets and liabilities and those sort of things, particularly among those who oppose independence.

“What would the future relationship look like and how would a future relationship with the UK which would still, under any circumstances, would be really important not least because they share the same island.

“At the same time, developing and trying to develop the future relationship with the European Union and ultimately as a member state of the EU.

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“How do you manage those different relationships at the same time, I would certainly want to see some thinking on all of that.”

Ms Sturgeon and the SNP have endured wavering support for a referendum on independence.

According to a poll by Redfield and Wilton Strategies a majoritY of Scots would not back an independence referendum until the UK Government approves the request.

Of the 1,000 people asked by Redfield and Wilton Strategies, 43 percent agreed a referendum vote should only be held if the Government approves it.

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In contrast, 38 percent disagreed with the UK Government deciding when a second vote can be held.

In the poll commissioned by Politico, 53 percent believed it should be up to Westminster to decide – when those who hold no opinion are removed.

A further 47 percent to 44 supported remaining as part of the UK in a blow to Ms Sturgeon’s hopes.

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