Nicola Sturgeon flees as climate activist confronts SNP leader

Nicola Sturgeon challenged on Rosebank oil field by activist

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Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak, a 21-year-old activist from Poland, confronted Nicola Sturgeon at COP27  to discuss concerns over gas and oil extraction at the Rosebank oil field. The activist pushed the First Minister for answers after the project was accelerated despite her pledge to help tackle the climate emergency. Ms Sturgeon claimed that she has been speaking to Ms Jędroszkowiak’s friends about the project in Scotland and explained that the country had to move away from fossil fuels but had to do it in a just way.

Ms Jędroszkowiak said: “A very good question, I’m Wiktoria I’m a climate activist and my friends from Scotland, they are very concerned about the Rosebank oil field.

“And I want to ask if you have any opinion on that?”

The First Minister said: “I do, I need to go just now.”

Another lady associated with Ms Sturgeon added: “I can speak to you and tell you what we said.”

Ms Jędroszkowiak said: “It was very important when you said no to Cambo last year.”

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Ms Sturgeon added: “My views on these things are really clear.”

Ms Jędroszkowiak said: “Yeah.”

The First Minister added: “We’ve go to move away from fossil fuels, we’ve got to do that in a just way which is why we’re talking about it…

“Your friends in Scotland speak to be about these things regularly.”

Ms Jędroszkowiak said: “Yeah I know, I know… Are you saying no to the Rosebank oil field?”

Just Stop Oil activists climb onto gantries over M25

Equinor, the company planning to operate the Rosebank oil field, said they are committed to bringing energy security across the UK whilst working on reducing the environmental impact of extractions.

Senior vice president upstream in the UK and Ireland, Arne Gürtner confirmed the commitment to net zero.

“Therefore, while we still need oil and gas, we aim to develop and operate projects such as Rosebank with the lowest possible carbon footprint while bringing the maximum value to society in the shape of UK investment, local jobs and energy security.”

The #StopRosebank campaign has been urging the Scottish Government to halt new licencing for gas and oil extractions across Scotland in a similar manner as to the Just Stop Oil movement.

Just Stop Oil activists have been committed to getting their demands met by the British Government for the past year now.

Along with other fractions of the climate activist group across Europe, they have been causing disruptions in order to drum up attention for their cause.

Just Stop Oil are demanding that the British Government stop all new licences for the exploration of oil along with the use of other fossil fuels.

The British Government have so far not made any promises to do so.

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