Nicola Sturgeon mocked for indyref2 plans to create pretend party in hope of second vote

Sturgeon says blocking IndyRef2 would be ‘absurd’

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Iain Martin, Editor of Reaction, said the 2014 Scottish independence referendum was granted when Alex Salmond won an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament and forced David Cameron’s hand. While Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to do so despite Boris Johnson’s declining popularity north of the border has meant her argument for a second vote can be cast out by the Prime Minister.

Speaking on the Rapid Reaction podcast, Mr Martin said: “The Greens are a sort of pretend-y party who only squeak in on the list.

“They’re a sort of top-up party, the decisive breakthrough in the Scottish elections in 2011 was by Alex Salmond actually winning that overall majority.

“At that point, unionists felt there is really no option other than to grant a vote.

“The case there with the Greens is quibbling, trying to add two parties together to pretend that it’s one.

“After everything that has happened with Boris Johnson being very unpopular in Scotland, with Nicola Sturgeon saying Scotland is clamouring for an independence referendum which it’s not when it came to it in the SNP’s favour, they failed to get an overall majority.

“Whether that is the government’s position or Boris Johnson’s position is entirely 100 percent correct.

“The practical political reality is he has his cover to say no, certainly this side of a UK general election.”

It comes after Ian Murray, Labour’s shadow secretary of state for Scotland, hit out at the SNP leader for pushing to divide the United Kingdom in the hope that Scotland could rejoin the European Union.

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He explained that Nicola Sturgeon’s reasoning for doing so is the same argument as Brexiteers.

Speaking to CNBC International, Mr Murray said: “The irony of that is all the arguments that brought us Brexit is exactly the same arguments that bring us Scottish independence.

“Of course Scotland was very much against Brexit, very much against leaving the European Union but all the issues around leaving the UK are exactly the same arguments the Brexiteers would have made but they’re much more pronounced in a Scottish context.


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“We can’t get any answers to the questions.

“The second thing we have to do is relentlessly expose the big questions that need to be answered by the proper proponents of independence and separation.

“Those are around currency, a border with England, what it would take for Scotland to get back into the EU.

“All of those huge, huge questions that are currently unanswered and have remained unanswered since the last referendum.”

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