Nicola Sturgeon’s independence dream dismantled as Scotland will ‘suffer’ without UK funds

Indyref2: Sturgeon warned Scotland would 'suffer' by Miklinski

Tony Miklinski told support from the UK Government has kept nearly one million Scottish people in their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. He added an independent Scotland would not have the same borrowing powers as the UK due to a lack of track record.

Mr Miklinski said: “Billions are coming from the UK Government, billions are coming from Westminster.

“There is no denying that it has kept nearly a million Scots in their jobs.

“Even with the winter scheme, that number will run into hundreds of thousands supported by the UK Government.

“Nicola is very fond of saying if you give us the borrowing powers we could borrow just like the UK.

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“The Scottish Government does have borrowing powers, they have already used up nearly all of the capacity they have not shown the sensible restraint to keep some aside for a rainy day.

“As an independent economy with no track record, the markets would not lend at the same rate.”

He continued: “All the extra costs would end up on the back of the Scottish taxpayer who is already being subsidised to the tune of £2,000 per person every year.

“The economic argument is absolutely unassailable, Scotland would be very significantly worse off under independence and our services, our education and health would suffer.

Nicola Sturgeon is SNP's 'greatest asset' says Tony Miklinski

“Why would we go there?” 

The Scottish Conservative also suggested the SNP leader will not stick around if it becomes clear she will not be granted another referendum on Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom.

He added that SNP members will grow tired of her approach and look for a more aggressive leader if she continues to fail in her quest to deliver Scottish independence. 

Mr Miklinski said: “I do not think Nicola Sturgeon will stick that long if she does not have a clear path to another independence referendum.

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“That is what she stands for and that is what she has promised the troops.

“If her approach which has been regarded as moderate by many SNP MPs, waiting and biding her time, if it isn’t producing results then I think her own personal interest, as well as the patience of her own party, will strain.

“They will look to find a more aggressive leader who can try to bring about this referendum through some other means.

“Frankly, as long as the Scottish people stand firm and see the common-sense arguments, realise where their self-interest lies, not with independence, then she is not getting what she wants.” 

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