Nigel Farage tips Tories for 1997-style wipeout at next election

Nigel Farage says Tory party on course to 'lose' next election

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Nigel Farage offered a brutal appraisal of the Conservative’s electoral chances with the former Brexit leader confident the tories will face a hammering at the polls. Mr Farage was clear that he supported Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak for Tory leader but felt neither would be able to steer the party clear of a massive electoral wipeout. 

Mr Farage told Telegraph Unscripted: “This party has lost half of its votes since 2019, let’s just sort of reflect on that for a minute.

“All the Boris lovers out there. Oh my god is terrible seller’s remorse, just reflect on the fact this man lost half your vote in two years.

“That’s why he’s got and he’s not coming back.

“To get those people back is going to take an enormous effort to reengage working Britain, a working-class Britain. It’s going to need something really, really special.

“Now, if I was a Tory member, I’d vote for [Liz Truss] not for Rishi [Sunak] on the element that the gamble of her is worth it in the sense that maybe she’ll surprise.

“But I just think the brand is dead, I don’t know what it represents.

“I’ll be honest with you, I think right now they’re headed for a ’97 style wipeout. I really, really do.

“Frankly, they deserve it.”

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Boris Johnson bows out as Prime Minister with his party faring almost as poorly in the opinion polls as when he began the job a little over three years ago.

The Conservatives’ vote share averaged 30 percent in the week ending August 28, 2022: nearly as low as the 29 percent it averaged in the week to July 28, 2019, the same week that Mr Johnson became PM.

The key difference between then and now is that in 2019 the Tories were ahead of Labour, while in 2022 they are behind.

When Boris Johnson began his premiership, Labour averaged 25 percent in the polls, four percentage points behind the Tories.

He is ending his premiership with Labour on 41 percent: 11 points ahead of the Conservatives.

Labour has enjoyed a consistent lead in the polls for the past nine months.

The size of the lead has varied, from an average of just three points to one as large as 12 points.

Labour moved ahead in the polls in early December 2021, around the time stories first began to emerge of Downing Street parties during Covid-19 lockdowns.

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