‘No ifs or buts, Nicola’ Tory MSP vows to oust SNP to help rebuild Scotland post-Covid

Scottish Tory promises ‘no ifs or buts’ regarding independence

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Scottish Conservative MSP for Dumfriesshire Oliver Mundell argued Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP were not doing enough to prepare post-Covid Scotland. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Mundell outlined the many ways he believes the Scottish Conservatives can better meet the needs of the Scottish people. He highlighted the many areas that need improvements post-Covid, including infrastructure, education and businesses.

He also insisted the SNP should not be focussing on independence right now but rather on improving Scotland.

Mr Mundell said: “I think we are the strongest party when it comes to protecting Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom.

“There are no ifs buts or maybes for us, we are passionately making the case that we are better off as part of that family of nations that makes up the UK.

“Alongside that, we have a number of policies from kickstarting investment in infrastructure.”

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Mr Mundell went into greater detail about the plans the Scottish Tories have for the nation and why it exceeds that of the SNP.

He said: “Again, across the 14 years the SNP have been in power they have been very good at doing things in the central belt of Scotland.

“But they have forgotten the northeast and forgotten my own region in the south of Scotland.

“We have got some exciting plans when it comes to road and rail infrastructure.

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“We also want to make sure that we are listening to the voices of businesses.

“Through the pandemic, the SNP have been keen to announce lots of measures but the reality on the ground but the money has not got to the people who need it.”

Mr Mundell added the Scottish Tories intend to meet the needs of business post-Covid, something he claims the SNP have not been doing.

He said: “A lot of the restrictions that have been put in place don’t actually meet the needs of business.

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“So we have pushed very hard to make sure that there is a business advisory council that is providing that expertise right into Government.

“We have also outlined plans to recruit another 3,000 teachers to ensure young people are getting the support they need to catch up after the year we have.

“Most of all it is making sure that we move on from the divisions that the SNP are keen to stir up and make sure the country’s entire focus is on getting back on an even keel.”

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