Not appropriate! Kuenssberg blasted for asking Boris about Partygate at Ukraine presser

Russian ambassador lectures Boris Johnson in swipe at UK democracy

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Boris Johnson held a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the situation in Ukraine and confirmed plans there would be additional forces sent to the region. But as Laura Kuenssberg was invited to ask her question about whether the UK would offer military support in the case of an invasion, the BBC journalist demanded to know whether the Prime Minister would step down if the Metropolitan Police found he broke the law with regards to Partygate. Mr Johnson swiftly moved on from the question – telling her she should wait until the investigation was over – but the question divided the public over whether it was appropriate to quiz Mr Johnson considering the context of the press conference.

Many took to Twitter to attack Ms Kuenssberg with @cookhamcockapoo writing: “Please do not ask questions about domestic issues during a press conference on the crisis in Ukraine. It’s neither appropriate or helpful.”

However, some defended the move and said it was normal for journalists to ask about domestic issues at press conferences.

@t1m1964 added: “Absolutely right to ask. The same happens with any world leader. Questions to Trump/Biden by their journalists were often on domestic issues while away.

“And of course, he won’t, because he is void of integrity and honour.”

BBC Political journalist Chris Mason wrote: “The Prime Minister entirely ducks @bbclaurak’s question about whether he’d resign if he gets fined by the police for pandemic parties.”

But Mr Mason was challenged on the point with @cornwallplay stating: “It’s a NATO press conference talking about a potential Russia invasion of Ukraine.

“What utter garbage journalism to say he was ducking.”

Mr Mason replied: “It is a statement of fact that he ducked it. Laura also asked — first — about the Russia / Ukraine situation.

“Journalists ask questions of those in power whenever we get the chance. That is our job.”

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