‘Not trying to fudge your question!’ Shapps dodges grilling on taking holiday three times

Kay Burley grills Grant Shapps about his holiday plans

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Grant Shapps was invited on to Sky News to discuss the Government’s latest review of the green travel list which saw 16 countries requiring no quarantine on arrival in the UK. But host Kay Burley asked Grant Shapps whether he would take a holiday to one of the “green watchlist” countries which suggests they are likely to move to the amber list if cases and infections rise. Mr Shapps narrowly avoided the question stating he was too busy to take a holiday currently, but Kay Burley was relentless in her grilling as she referenced the thousand of holidaymakers let down over Portugals late amber list addition. 

Speaking on Sky News, Ms Burley asked the minister if he would take a holiday to a green watchlist country at the moment.

But Mr Shapps tried to skirt around the question by discussing the Government’s reasoning behind the lists. 

He said: “Yeah, so I should just explain that the watchlist, the green watchlist means they’re on the green list that means you can go and it’s treated like a green list.

“But we’re just being completely open with the data that the scientists have given us and say there are one or two concerns.

“It might mean that we have to respond quickly on that.

“So we’ve said that it’s the green watch list in order that people can see exactly what we’re seeing about it.”

Mr Shapps then explained people who are travelling should make their holidays as flexible as possible so they can react to any news that comes out.

Ms Burley noticed her question was not answered and referred to Portugal which flipped “in a heartbeat”. 


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She asked once more whether Mr Shapps would go on a holiday.

But again, the Transport Secretary dodged the question by explaining the green watchlist is due to transparency and said he was too busy to take a holiday. 

Ms Burley grew frustrated as he appeared to completely miss the point and asked for a final time if he would take a holiday or not. 

He replied: “Well, as I say, you’re asking me if I was in someone else’s shoes and I’m not, I’m not looking to go on holiday right this moment because I’m rather busy dealing with this and a lot of other transport issues.

“But each individual will look at their own situation, I’m not trying to fudge your question, each individual will look at their own situation and people have flexibility then that obviously is going to be a bit easier.”

16 countries will be added to the green list on June 30 which will mean those travelling back from those places will not be required to quarantine on return to the UK. 

Maderia, Barbados and Malta are among some countries added to the green list. 

But transport and tourism countries say the list does not go far enough as many popular holiday destinations have been left out. 

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