Owen Jones in furious row as Vine caller blasts MPs colluding with EU to delay Brexit

Brexit: Owen Jones clashes with caller over 'USSR' comparison

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The political commentator hit back at caller Joan from London after she compared the European Union to the USSR. She claimed that some British MPs had tried to overturn the vote of the British people for Brexit as Russia is trying to prevent Ukraine from maintaining its independence. The debate came as Boris Johnson sparked backlash for comparing the plight of Ukrainians for freedom from invading Moscow and Britons demanding the Brexit vote be respected.

Joan said:When Remain lost, nearly 500 MPs and that corrupt Speaker colluded with the 27 countries in the EU to delay implementation of the results. And ultimately to stop it.”

Owen Jones hit back: “Those MPs were democratically elected by the British people.

“This is where your whole analogy falls down because the European Union is a voluntary association.

“The USSR was a dictatorship which was based on domination by dictatorial and totalitarian means.”


He continued: “We voted to leave and we left. The reason there was a long delay wasn’t because the EU stopped us from leaving is because there was a debate amongst democratically-elected members of Parliament about what leaving should look like.”

But Joan lamented that the Remain side continued to protest the results of the referendum: “In the end, they had placards, they had groups of people demonstrating.”

Mr Jones cut in: “That’s democracy. In a democracy, people have a right to wave placards.”

But Joan hit back: “Exactly, and that is what Putin is doing. He is attacking a democracy of a sovereign country just like the EU.”

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