People dont believe you Kwarteng on the spot when confronted with dire Tory poll

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The Business Secretary was shown the results of a YouGov poll conducted last week showing respondents had little trust in the Government delivering on their levelling up agenda. Less than 20 percent of the 1,779 respondents believed the Conservatives would help regenerate areas outside of London. Sky News host Sophy Ridge challenged Mr Kwarteng with the results, noting his party had failed to outline their policy plans.

Ms Ridge said: “Talking about the challenging picture.

“I just want to bring you this polling from YouGov. People were asked, ‘which government would be better at regenerating areas outside of London and the southeast?’

“Seventeen percent said the Conservatives and Boris Johnson, 38 percent said Labour and Keir Starmer.

“Your flagship policy is literally to level up, and people just don’t believe you’re going to do it.”

Mr Kwarteng said: “That’s just one poll. We’re going out to make the message clearer and more focussed.

“Absolutely, if you look at what we’re doing, there’s huge amounts of investments, billions of investments.

“Nissan told us…they were reported to say they were going to leave the Uk after the Brexit vote, they’ve invested a billion pounds.”

Ms Ridge quipped: “You accept the messaging needs to be more focussed?”


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