QT audience erupts as Zahawi blames Putin for Truss criticism

Question Time: Piers Morgan says Truss is ‘done’

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Piers Morgan featured on the panel in London and grilled the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster for continuing to defend Liz Truss’ leadership. The controversial broadcaster urged Mr Zahawi to apologise to the public for the “train wreck of the last 10 days” as the economy was sent into turmoil following Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget.

Mr Morgan said: “She [Liz Truss] tanked the economy. She and Kwasi Kwarteng gambled the nation’s economy and it failed spectacularly.”

The flustered Tory Minister attempted to defend his party’s mistakes by saying that the Prime Minister had ended up listening to the public backlash and subsequently altered her actions.

The fiery interaction followed a conversation in which Mr Morgan suggested the Prime Minister of four weeks should resign for someone with more economic experience.

This suggestion enraged members of the panel who declared that four weeks is not enough time to judge Truss as Prime Minister.

Addressing Zahawi, Morgan expressed his frustration at the continuous attempts of justification for the mistakes of the Tories.

He added: “What I haven’t heard from anyone at a senior level in the party in the past 10 days is one word – sorry.”

During this back-and-forth between Mr Morgan and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Mr Zahawi made an comment which sparked laughter among audience members.

Instead of offering a “simple apology”, he baffled the panel and the audience by mentioning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He said: “Ask yourself this question, what would Vladimir Putin want us to do?

“He’d want us to be divided right now.”

As the camera panned to the audience for their reaction there was a sea of smirks and grins with others shaking their heads and laughing in disbelief at the comment.

Question Time host Fiona Bruce looked mystified and amused, saying: “Nadhim, people are laughing at that, I just want to point that out.”
Meanwhile, Piers retorted: “I can’t say sorry because Vladimir Putin may not like it?!

“What does this have to do with a simple apology to the British people for the train wreck that has happened in the past 10 days?”

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Eventually, Mr Zahawi conceded and said: “Of course, I’m sorry absolutely.”

Despite this, he refused to let go of his point about Putin as he went on to falsely accuse Mr Morgan of saying that the Russian President had nothing to do with inflation.

After embarrassingly being corrected by the panel and Ms Bruce, he went on once again to say that there was “nothing wrong” with Ms Truss’ U-turn on her economic policy as she had listened and vowed that “95 percent what I want to do, I will deliver and I will drop the five percent”.

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