‘Remoaners are regrouping’ Dan Wootton warning over Brexit as liberals on the march again

Keir Starmer questioned over his silence on failures of Brexit

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The GB News presenter warned that the “Britain loathing, EU loving liberal elite” have had a resurgence as they continue to blame issues such as inflation or travel delays on the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Referencing a Telegraph article by the former Brexit negotiator David Frost who he dubbed “one of the saviours of Brexit”, Mr Wootton said although Lord Frost admits there is “little chance” of a “serious rejoin” movement in the short term there was concern about the future.

The GB News host said: “Beware, the remoaners are regrouping.

“A stark warning from Lord David Frost, one of the saviours of Brexit, on today’s Daily Telegraph front page.

“His point is one that I’ve been worried about for many months, the Britain loathing, EU loving liberals elite in this country are on the march again.

“Attempting to blame anything and everything that goes wrong for whatever reason on our beautiful decision to leave the European Union in the biggest democratic mandate in our history.

“Higher prices, empty shelves, travel delays, employment shortages. Forget the two years of economy destroying pandemic lockdowns, forget a European war it’s all down to Brexit.

“They seem to have forgotten those dark days for the EU of 2020 when their awful red tape and hatred of everything from the UK saw their vaccine rollout stutter as theory did everything possible to discredit the Oxford AstraZeneca jab.

“Now Frost points out the hashtag ‘#brexitshambles’ once again dominates Twitter.”

He added: “While Lord Frost rightly acknowledges there is little chance of a serious rejoin campaign developing in the short term. There is a serious concern about the future.”

Drawing attention to tweets made by Andrew Adonis’s European Movement, Lord Frost laid into the former Blair and Brown minister who claimed “Brexit had failed”.

In his scathing Brexit-based Op-Ed, the UK’s former Brexit negotiator also hinted “ultra-remainers” were looking to weaponise the Northern Ireland Protocol in a plot to drag Britain closer to the EU.

Mr Wootton went on to slam Labour leader Keir Starmer who had attempted to overturn “the biggest democratic mandate in UK history” before the last general election.

He continued: “Keir Starmer knowing he can’t publicly express his clearly held desire to rejoin the EU.

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“So instead claiming a poorly thought through Brexit is holding Britain back.

“That’s why we must never ever forget that while campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister Starmer was very serious about overturning the biggest vote in British history.

“We must never forget that Starmer tried to overturn the biggest democratic mandate in UK history.

“Now Lord Frost is clear, it’s still too early to draw firm conclusions about our post Brexit success story, especially amid the post covid recovery.

“But as he puts it, our destiny is in our hands and it’s up to us to do the right thing.

“Let’s get on with the job and that must start by calling out the remoaner hysterics as haters and wreckers, who want to bring Britain down.”

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