Remoaners as hysterical as ever! Brexiteer erupts over Regent Street Union flag row

Jubilee: Public reacts to criticism of Regent Street flags

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The patriotic display on the iconic street in the capital in preparation for celebrations marking the Queen’s historic 70-year reign prompted comparisons by some on social media to Nazi Germany. Journalist Fraser Myers blamed Remainers for being behind the row and questioned if they will “ever recover” from the Brexit vote.

Writing for Spiked Online, Mr Myers said: “Nowadays the Nazi Germany comparison is blurted out almost instantaneously, especially by the anti-Brexit #FBPE set.

“The latest prompt? A photo of London’s Regent Street decked in Union flags, in anticipation of the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

“This benign display of mild patriotism was immediately denounced as symbolic of our alleged descent into fascism.”

Mr Myers highlighted a number of comments comparing the Union Jacks on Regent Street to Nazi Germany.

The journalist added: “In the weird world of online Remainerism, a mass democratic event like Brexit is indistinguishable from fascism and to express any amount of national pride is to out yourself as a Little Englander.

“Six years on from the Brexit vote and the Remoaners are as hysterical as ever. Will they ever recover?”

Mr Myers’ remarks came after the flags on Regent Street prompted an outburst from some Twitter users.

One with the handle @PritiNot wrote: “All it takes is to change the flag and this could be Nazi Germany..”

Anti-Brexit campaigner Femi Oluwole claimed the flag represents “blatant fascism”.

Commentator Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu: “The Union Flag isn’t the issue – it’s the veil of legitimacy it bestows on White Nationalism that is the issue

“White Nationalism is what passes for British patriotism today & the British flag is its standard….is the Queen/Govt the standard bearer?#regentstreet #PlatinumJubilee.”

Broadcaster India Willoughby shared a picture of the Union flags on Regent Street and said: “When the Queen dies, wouldn’t be surprised if Boris appoints himself Fuhrer and assumes total control. That’s how close I think Britain is to Nazi Germany.”

However, others blasted the outcry over the patriotic display just weeks before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Guido Fawkes reporter Christian Calgie tweeted: “At some point we need to have a proper conversation about how to heal the mental health of FBPEers.

“It can’t be right that we have a good 5/6 percent of the population who look at Union Jacks in Regent Street and serious believe comparisons to Nazi Germany are correct or appropriate.”

Tory MP Michael Fabricant said: “Lovely to see this display of flags in Regent Street London for the Platinum Jubilee. I saw similar at Victoria Station for the 2012 Olympics.

“Our flag represents democracy and the rule of law. Disappointed that some people have chosen to liken this to ‘Nazi Germany’.”

Commentator Toby Young wrote: “The appearance of Union Jacks on Regent Street has triggered an outbreak of oikophobia on Twitter, with some people comparing Britain to Nazi Germany.

“Surely, this is the flag of the country that helped defeat the Nazis?”

Former Margaret Thatcher aide Nile Gardiner added: “One of the most beautiful and inspiring scenes in the world today. The Union Jack flying over Regent Street in Central London.

“A symbol of freedom, liberty and Britain’s tremendous role for centuries as a great world power.”

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