‘She has run out of ideas!’ Nicola Sturgeon warned SNP cannot escape their ‘failures’

Nicola Sturgeon 'has run out of ideas' says Carlaw

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Mr Carlaw told Express.co.uk that Nicola Sturgeon is running out of ideas and will not be able to disassociate herself with the Scottish Government’s failings. The former leader of the Scottish Conservative Party added that Scotland is now facing problems that are a “direct consequence” of the SNP’s 14 years in power.

Mr Carlaw said: “She has run out of ideas.

“The issues on which the Scottish Government is failing will not go away.

“Then it will be difficult to disassociate herself from that.

“The SNP were very fortunate when they were elected in 2007 because for the first time a government was elected that had no previous record of Government.

“It had no legacy, nothing anything anybody could say- ‘well you did that and it was your fault’.

“The longer they are in power the harder it is for them to escape the fact that the problems that we face now are more often than not, a direct consequence of what they have done.”

During the same interview, Mr Carlaw stated Ms Sturgeon will attempt to get Scotland into the European Union “at any price”.

Mr Carlaw told Express.co.uk that the SNP leader would attempt to get an independent Scotland back into the European Union without holding a referendum on membership of the trading bloc.

Scotland 'will be left with ageing population' says Carlaw

The Scottish Tory added that European nations would think Scotland has “a bit to prove” before allowing the nation to join the bloc due to the current state of Scotland’s economy.

Mr Carlaw said: “I noticed that Nicola Sturgeon has said we would not even debate this, there would not be another referendum on it, she would just try and get us back in at any price and we would then have to accept whatever that price was.

“I do not think it would be light, as a very small nation, I think we would have to wait.

“This idea that it would happen at the click of a finger overnight, I think is fantasy politics.


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“It would be much longer than that with us lying in limbo for quite some time in the interim.

He added: “I think other nations in Europe would look at it and think Scotland has got a bit to prove before it can join the European Union.”

Nicola Sturgeon has outlined her plan to launch a second Scottish independence referendum in the first half of the SNP’s term in Government.

The SNP won the May 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election, falling just one seat short of an overall majority.

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