Sheen is coming off! Skys Beth Rigby tears apart Boris Johnson for string of errors

Boris Johnson: Expert hits out at 'embarrassing' speech

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Sky News’ Political Editor said the Owen Paterson lobbying and Sir Geoffrey Cox second job scandals are the latest instalments in a “string of errors” Boris Johnson has allowed to erupt after a seemingly “all-powerful” leadership moment following his cabinet reshuffle. The Prime Minister has faced tension-filled weeks over claims of sleaze within the party as well as dangerous U-turns on his manifesto pledges.

Asked by Sky News anchor Jayne Secker whether Boris Johnson is “in trouble”, Ms Rigby did not fancy the Prime Ministers’ chances.

She said: “Well he certainly has not had a good run has he, Jayne?”

She added how Mr Johnson “appeared all-powerful” following his Cabinet reshuffle which was largely lauded as a success for his leadership.

But Ms Rigby noted that since then a “string of errors” which she stressed some of which were “unforced” have shrouded his leadership and sent his popularity tumbling in the polls.

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The political expert added how some of these errors have been on policy, such as the change in social care, which MPs voted through on “a much-reduced majority” this week.

The plans will see those with more than £100,000 in assets – the value of their home, savings, or investments – will not get any financial help from the council to pay for care.

The move has seen the Prime Minister break a manifesto pledge promising elderly people would not have to sell their homes to pay for care as the costs could see people forced to sell to pay for care.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer slammed the changes as a “working-class dementia tax” at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson: Expert hits out at 'embarrassing' speech

But going further, Ms Rigby stressed how she said one of the central issues has been the Owen Paterson “debacle” which undermined trust in the Government and sent approval ratings for the Prime Minister into free fall. 

She added how another crucial setback for the Prime Minister has been the cuts to the HS2 extension to Leeds.

The political editor argued this decision had given Labour “some ammunition to say the Conservative party, despite all those election policies, are not delivering despite what they said for the people of the north and some of those Red Wall voters.”

She added: “So, yes he has had a troubling few weeks.


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“I think broadly, after a very, very strong run in the polls over a sustained period of time… the sheen is coming off Boris Johnson!”

She concluded: “He is on the back foot at the moment, he needs to build back relations with his party and see if he can begin to improve his performance.”

Latest shock polling from YouGov revealed just 29 percent of respondents believe Mr Johnson is doing well as Prime Minister. That is a record low since he began his tenure as the leader of the country.

As of November 22, 64 percent of the more than 1,600 Great British adults polled, believe he is doing badly in his role.

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