SNP plans dismantled as Gordon Brown lists off key obstacles facing Nicola Sturgeon

Campbell says SNP ‘played independence down’

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Gordon Brown slammed Nicola Sturgeon for talking up the prospects of a second independence referendum but not explaining to voters what an independent Scotland would look like. The former Prime Minister took Sky News viewers through the repercussions for Scotland if the SNP managed to convince Scots to leave the union. He warned that independence for Scotland would mean the country having to drop the pound and businesses facing customs checks at the border.

The former Labour leader told Sky News: “Nicola Sturgeon talks a lot about a referendum.

“She doesn’t explain what independence actually means.

“I think once people know it means a separate pound and that means you are going to be trading in different currencies.

“It means a separate border between Scotland and England, and that means there have to be checks of one sort or another if she joins the European Union.

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“And it also means your pension is different, all these things have not been considered and weren’t really announced in the 2014 referendum.”

Mr Brown went on to call for closer scrutiny of the SNP’s independence plans via independent investigations.

He said: “Now we have got time to do this and I think there should be hearings held in the House of Commons and the Scottish Parliament on what independence means.

“I think there should independent investigations that research groups can do to show what in all these areas it actually means.”


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