SNP plot: Party activists’ back door independence ‘Plan B’ to defy Boris Johnson exposed

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Boris Johnson has refused to grant a second Scottish independence referendum following the once in a generation vote in 2014. But an amendment to a party resolution has been submitted urging the SNP to set up a working group to consider all democratic and legitimate routes to Scottish independence and make recommendations on party strategy. The party resolution which is on the SNP conference agenda seen by suggests the party plan to defy Boris Johnson and “not accept a Westminster veto” on holding a second independence referendum vote.

The proposal, submitted by Common Weal, a pro-independence think tank, is backed by SNP MP Joanna Cherry, who is also a prominent lawyer and has suggested a potential court case could secure independence.

The Edinburgh South West MP and supporter of the think tank urged the SNP to “set up a group to work on gaming a copper-bottomed strategy, the details of which need not be advertised to the enemy.”

It comes after another Plan B strategy which urged the party to include a pledge that winning a pro-independence majority would be grounds to start negotiations with Westminster for Scotland to leave the UK was rejected.

Inverclyde councillor Chris McEleny has been pushing for the move, together with Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil.

The two SNP politicians said they were “bitterly disappointed” that their alternative approach will not be debated at next month’s conference.

Craig Berry, convenor of the SNP Common Weal Group said in the amendment submission released today: “Independence is closer than ever and the SNP must be ready.

“Of course we would like to see the UK Government respect democracy and work with the Scottish Government to hold an independence referendum. But they have so far refused to do so.”

He added: “The SNP must now consider every democratic and legitimate route to independence.

“This group will draw on the expertise and creativity of the SNP membership and take input from the wider independence movement in order to make recommendations on the SNP’s independence strategy.

“This is an opportunity to focus our best minds on protecting democracy, taking on Boris Johnson, and securing Scotland’s right to choose independence.”

If Common Weals amendment on the resolution is adopted, it will be discussed at the upcoming party conference and could be adopted as official party policy.

It comes as Scottish Secretary Alister Jack dismissed the prospect of having a second vote on whether the country should stay in the UK for a generation.

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When questioned about this, the Scottish Tory MP suggested a generation could be “25 or 40 years”.

Mr Jack insisted: “I don’t think we should keep having referendums until they get their own way, it should respect the outcome of the one we had.”

An SNP spokesman, said: “Effective leadership during the global pandemic is proving a real boost to support for an independent Scotland.

“Next month’s SNP conference will focus on what’s important to the people of Scotland, and independence will very much be at the heart of debate.”

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