‘Stop buying from EU superstate!’ Britons furious as Brussels desperate to sabotage Brexit

Brexit: Boris Johnson told to 'protect British industry' by host

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The UK Brexit chief claimed that while the British Government wishes a successful future on EU member states, Brussels is adamant to prove Brexit should have been avoided by hijacking Britain’s future as an independent nation.

Speaking to the Spectator, Lord Frost urged the EU to solve “arguments about trade” in a “grown-up way”, drawing comparisons to the US-Canada model.

He said: “I don’t think it’s incompatible with friendly relations between sovereign equals to have arguments about trade and resolve them in a grown-up way…

“There definitely are US-Canada trade disputes and life goes on. And I don’t see why it shouldn’t be like that.”

Now, Britons have hit back at the EU urging people to “stop buying any goods” from the bloc.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “Stop buying any goods/services/holidays/anything from the Eu Super-State / Empire.”

Someone else said: “The EU doesn’t do democracy.

“It’s the EU way or no way.

“Thank God we are out of the EU prison.”

A third Express.co.uk reader said: “EU hell-bent on sabotaging UK: That’s a surprise we never noticed lol.

“That is exactly the reason many of us wanted a NO DEAL. WTO exit scenario.

“The only safe and sure method of leaving the corrupt EU who have no intention of honouring anything they do not like, ask the French fishermen.”

Someone else branded the EU as the “enemy” who needs Britain to “become a failed state” for it to succeed.

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They said: “The EU is the enemy that needs the UK to become a failed state for it to succeed.

“It’s nuts to be trying to deal with it.”

Another person said: “The EU is engaging in diplomatic and economic warfare, simple as that and we must protect ourselves from their anger and animosity.

“There is now no way back for the UK the bridge has been burnt by the EU, they only want to see us as a supplicant.”

While a sixth reader warned it is “all going to end badly” but not for the UK.

A seventh person added: “It’s been obvious for quite a while that the EU is determined to do everything they can to stop the UK from becoming successful outside the block.

“The more trade deals we sign, the more bitter they become.

“It’s a pity they don’t show the same determination in putting their own house in order.

“In saying that, I don’t believe they are capable of doing so.”

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