Stop whinging! Emily Thornberry shamed for attacking Brexit trade ‘heroine’ Liz Truss

Liz Truss says UK will be 'adding' to trade deals in 2021

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Opposition parties wrote to Ms Truss to accuse her of refusing to answer questions about post-Brexit trade with Europe on key issues such as a ban on the EU of UK shellfish exports. Ms Truss, however, has been defended by angry commenters, who praised her for securing billions of pounds worth of Brexit deals.

Readers urged the opposition signatories, including Emily Thornberry, to leave Ms Truss alone so she could continue her work.

One reader commented: “Of course, the UK hating Thornberry is clucking like a hen being chased by a butcher with an axe.

“Truss has done more for our country than Thornberry and her pals will ever do.

“Thornberry is on record for decrying both our flag and decent workers.

“Please do not let these tripe, second rate politicians do us down.”

Another said: “Let Liz get on with her job. Securing trade deals around the world.”

Someone else said: “We have a Government minister who is actually doing her job unlike some of her male colleagues.

“She is winning trade deals for this country which will bear fruit in time and yet we have the same old bitter Remainers who are still trying to undermine Brexit.

“Very much sour grapes.”

A fourth reader said: “Dame Liz Truss is far too intelligent to be drawn into a poisonous trap concocted by that fake socialist blob of lard, frustrated and embittered by her and her ridiculous splinter group’s total lack of traction with the British public.

“Liz is busy bringing in the bacon for British free trade, and is doing a fantastic job DESPITE the evil traitors in our midst, who would rather see Britain fail than admit their lie and Project Fear were wrong.

“The ballot box does not lie Thornberry, you have been totally rejected by the British people, so just try to show some class and be quiet, leave international trade to the elected experts.”

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Someone else called Ms Truss a “modern day heroine” due to the “way she has single-handedly tackled global trade”.

Another person simply said: “If Thornberry is involved, you know it’s anti-British and made up trash.”

Someone else claimed Ms Thornberry is one of the reasons why “Labour will never be put into power”.

Many others claimed Remainers are only complaining because the Trade Secretary is “not making any mistakes”.

One said: “Out of all the people who has been solidly working on getting trade deals, it is Liz Truss.

“She deserves praise, not petty minded criticism sake.

“Emily Thornberry needs to praise her.”

This comes after the UK Government came under fire after House of Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg disbanded the Commons committee set up to scrutinise the UK-EU relationship.

Pressure has also been sought to quickly resolve export issues caused by leaving the European Union for fishermen.

In response, a Department for International Trade spokesperson said: “All parliamentary questions are directed to the department best placed to respond.

“This is standard practice in government and has been the case under successive governments.

“The Cabinet Office lead the Brexit Business Taskforce to support businesses with regards to the EU Trade Deal.”

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