‘Sturgeon doesn’t do facts!’ Britons lash out at First Minister after car crash interview

Sophy Ridge confronts Nicola Sturgeon about SNP record

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Yesterday, Ms Ridge blasted the Scottish First Minister’s hope of leading an independent Scotland ahead of the Holyrood elections next month. The Sky News host pointed the SNP’s “record in government” while reeling off a number of Ms Sturgeon’s failures in power.

During the interview, Ms Ridge said: “I’ve been keen in this interview to look back at your record in government because it matters.

“You are asking the Scottish people to trust you to lead an independent Scotland.

“You are clearly an exceptional communicator and have strong approval ratings.

“But, just look at the facts: record drug deaths after 14 years of an SNP government, still big inequalities when it comes education, the highest rate of care home deaths from Covid in the UK.”

Ms Sturgeon squirmed and struggled to respond as she took responsibility for the scale of the drug crisis in Scotland.

She added that there had been “big improvement” in education, although inequalities remain.

And now, the British public have lashed out at Ms Sturgeon and claimed the First Minister “doesn’t do facts” but instead prefers “lies”.

Commenting on Express.co.uk’s coverage of the interview, one person said: “Sturgeon doesn’t do facts, she prefers lies, and dictating, the key reasons for wanting to lock the Scottish people inside the EUrinal, she’s cut from the same rotten cloth.. “

Another person said: “Nicola, please look at the facts.

“Oh… sorry but when have the facts mattered to you.”

Someone else compared Ms Sturgeon with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and said they do not “trust the SNP to be capable of running a council”.

They said: “Promising more than Corbyn did and look what result he got, easy to bribe with others money.

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“Long overdue they paid for themselves.

“Don’t trust the SNP to be capable of running a council let alone a country, as the Scottish people will find out when they have to pay the full bill.”

A fourth Express.co.uk reader added: “Sturgeon isn’t interested in facts, she makes up her own to suit the occasion.”

Another person said the SNP independence campaign is “dishonest and deceitful” and said it was a “campaign for the transfer of power.

They said: “Their independence campaign, is one of the most dishonest and deceitful ever waged.

“It is not a campaign for independence, it is a campaign for the transfer of power.

“Transfer from UK to EU.”

Someone else said: “SNP using UK money to fund the promises/bribes, and this government just keeps paying the red bills, and that is not only insane but unfair to the rest of the UK.

“Devolution has become a free for all, but not For England, and that is unfair and very wrong.”

Viewers branded the interview a “complete car crash” from the SNP’s perspective, pointing out the party leader appeared to “become flustered even by a gentle interview”.

Scotland will go to the polls on May 6.

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