Sturgeon’s deputy tells off Scotland fans for celebrating historic Euro 2020 placement

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Nicola Sturgeon had deputy First Minister John Swinney take over her daily coronavirus update for the second time in less than a month. Mr Swinney congratulated the Scotland football team for their 5-4 win against Serbia as he reiterated the importance of following Covid safety rules to better enjoy the win. Mr Swinney hit out at Scotland fans for coming together during the match after videos of supporters celebrating were shared on social media.

Mr Swinney said the win was a “bright light” at a time when Scotland is struggling through the difficulties the pandemic has caused.

He said: “All credit to the Scotland team for their resilience and perseverance but there has also been resilience and perseverance on the part of football fans for the last 22 years where we have been absent from these competitions.

“I think we understand there is a natural appetite for people to celebrate in the aftermath of a very, very anxious evening last night.

“I’ve had to report today some terrible statistics about the number of deaths that have taken place from coronavirus, so, although we are all frustrated and fed up of the restrictions.”

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Mr Swinney continued: “When something comes along, like a magnificent Scotland football team victory we all naturally want to celebrate.

“I can see this virus does not rest, it does not take a minute off, much less 90 minutes, extra time and penalties.

“Letting our guard down gives it the opportunity to pass from person to person and too many families can confirm it can have deadly consequences.”

Scotland Police reported a pub in Aberdeen is being investigated over celebrations for the Scotland match after a video emerged showing customers hugging after the team won.

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