Sunak under pressure as more than 20,000 Britons sign our petition

Liz Truss commits to triple lock on pensions during PMQs

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The Prime Minister is under increasing pressure from the general public after a petition sailed past the landmark number in just over 48 hours. With more people signing every minute, thousands will hope the message reaches the Government as the cost of living crisis threatens to cut into older Britons’ pensions. The tens of thousands of people who have signed their name to the document have called on Rishi Sunak to honour Boris Johnson’s 2019 pensions promise and keep growth consistent.

Downing Street has refused to commit to the manifesto proposal, which keeps pension growth in line with inflation rates, average earnings or 2.5 percent, whichever is greatest.

The Government did not say whether the guarantee would continue, despite previous assurances.

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss had previously committed to the policy, with Mr Hunt appearing to agree, but Britons will have to wait for further clarification under Mr Sunak.

The Prime Minister’s press secretary said Chancellor Jeremy Hunt would address the triple lock in his Autumn fiscal statement on November 17.

But she promised that Mr Hunt would “do what’s right and compassionate for the most vulnerable”. has partnered with over-60s campaign Silver Voices to request the Government honour its pledge.

The paper has asked ministers to “maintain and recommit to the triple lock” as millions of pensioners face an unaffordable winter.

Mr Sunak and his Chancellor must find billions of pounds to keep the economy afloat, and experts have warned this will require cuts. 

While energy prices continue to rise and inflation leaves people with a real-terms pay cut, reports from Whitehall suggest the pair must salvage up to £50 billion. 

The Prime Minister previously said that, while he aimed to smooth over Ms Truss’s harmful premiership, he would need to make some “difficult” decisions. 

These may include having to ditch the triple lock, something even Mr Sunak’s predecessor was unwilling to entertain. 

Without the guarantee, Labour has said the Conservative Government must hold a general election. 

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