‘This is terrible, STOP IT!’ Insulate Britain activist slammed on lack of black diversity

Insulate Britain protester tells host protests are not about race

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TalkRADIO presenter Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije put Insulate Britain spokesperson Tracey Mallaghan on the spot as the radio host pointed out something was absent from the climate change group. Ms Vanderpuije noted many members of Insulate Britain were white and middle-class, adding many working-class black people did not have the “luxury” of joining them on their protests and were, in fact, being negatively affected by them. Ms Mallaghan was furious at the suggestion and demanded Ms Vanderpuije stop the comparison before attacking the media in an angry rant.

Speaking on TalkRADIO, Ms Vanderpuije attacked Ms Mallaghan for disrupting the lives of the public and hurting the livelihoods of many working-class people.

She said: “I feel the worry, but I also feel the worry of people trying to see loved ones, people trying to live their lives.

“People who might not have the same amount of money as your demonstrators have, they seem to me to be white, middle-class people who have time.

“You’re not going to see black people protesting in the same ways you guys are protesting.

“Black people who have a very limited income, who are working-class, doing what you are doing.

“Because they have to live their lives, they do not have the luxury of all the money in the world which allows them to [protest].”

Ms Mallaghan was heard saying “this is terrible, stop it” before revealing she was a disabled mother on benefits.

Ms Vanderpuije remarked it was the “truth” that many members were well-off.

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She added doctors, surgeons and other key workers have been unable to get into work because of the disruption and slammed the activists’ methods.

Ms Mallaghan exclaimed and wondered why she was invited onto the show if she was only going to be shouted at before it was pointed out no voices had been raised.

The activist continued and said there was a plan by the media to “spin” Insulate Britain’s events into a negative light.

But, again, it was pointed out to Ms Mallaghan the media was simply reporting on what happens with Ms Vanderpuije recalling a van driver who tried to run over one of the activists at the Blackwall Tunnel.

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She explained the media could not spin that event and simply reported on it.

The comments come as Insulate Britain launched the twelfth day of demonstration in four weeks on Friday.

It saw carnage break out across London as the group targeted a roundabout in Old Street in the East end of the capital.

While around 40 activists from the group blocked junction 25 of the M25 the same day.

The protests resulted in an ambulance from a children’s hospital being blocked and unable to pass through sparking fury from the public.

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