Told you so! Nigel Farage unearths video warning of EU demands 21 years before Brexit

Nigel Farage unearths level playing field EU rant from 1999

The former Brexit Party leader posted a clip on Twitter from 1999 of himself denouncing the level playing field in what was his first speech in the European Parliament. Nigel Farage stated that while the UK has always abided by the rules, other European Union states have failed to show the same discipline in complying with the regulations. 

Mr Farage said: “The truth of it is if you make everything the same you actually stop there being competition.

“This was for me one of the main reasons that got me involved in all of this.

“In 1999 in the European Parliament, I said this about the level playing field.”

In the clip, the former MEP said: “Most people in the UK thought we had joined a free trade area, but this crisis demonstrates that it is anything but that.

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“While the UK has obeyed EU law to the letter other countries are running a cart and horse through the rule book.

“The level playing field is about as level as the decks on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.”

Following the clip, Mr Farage added: “So there we are, I felt very passionately about the level playing field back in 1999.

“It always seemed to me that we obeyed all of the rules and the others adopted a slightly laissez-faire attitude and the further south of the European Union you went the more that was the truth.”

Brexit: Nigel Farage hits out at 'anti-competitive' single market

The staunch Brexiteer earlier this month told ITV’s Peston programme that the UK must not be stuck with level playing field regulations following the end of the Brexit transition period.

He said: “The single market is anti-competitive.

“And that is the point about Brexit: number one you get your sovereignty back, that is the democratic side of Brexit.

“But the economic side of Brexit is so that we can become competitive.

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“Not stuck with a single rule book. Not stuck with a level playing field.

Mr Farage added: “Here is the problem. So much of what was in that treaty last October committed us, effectively, to staying aligned to EU rules.

“Then Boris Johnson, facing a general election, made promises that went completely against what he had sold to us as an oven-ready deal.

“It is not just the EU that has acted in bad faith. Boris Johnson has too.”

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