Trump campaign adviser makes a bold 2020 election prediction

David Bossie, the chairman of the influential conservative advocacy group Citizens United who is advising Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, told Yahoo News on Tuesday he believes the president will win three states in the 2020 election that he narrowly lost in 2016 — and potentially clinch victory as a result.

Bossie, who was deputy chairman of Trump’s successful 2016 campaign, was briefly ousted from the president’s inner circle after allegations that he was using one of his political groups to profit off the president. But Bossie has recently been welcomed back to Trump’s inner circle and has since appeared with the president’s Capitol Hill allies at the House impeachment hearings and in other high-profile settings. A longtime Trump confidant, Bossie is serving as co-chairman of Trump’s Maryland campaign team and speaks regularly with the president and his reelection team, he said.

In a Tuesday interview with the “Skullduggery” podcast, Bossie said Trump’s campaign leadership is “really focused on the battleground states that are important and that are in a very good place to take that nine-week run to the finish line.” Recent Yahoo News polling shows that while Biden did not get a postconvention bounce, the former vice president nonetheless leads Trump by 11 points nationally among registered voters.

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