Trump says he gave Theresa May Brexit advice to avoid paying EU

Donald Trump has revealed the advice he gave to Theresa May over Brexit, blasting the “huge amount of money” the UK hands over to the EU each year. He said he urged Mrs May to pay the EU “very little or nothing”, claiming the trade bloc “misrepresented” the deal.

When asked whether the UK’s Brexit deal was a good deal, Mr Trump said: “When I looked at what you were paying I said, why are you paying so much? It was a lot of money.

“You know, I’m not involved in the deal, you do what you have to do, but you were paying tremendously for that deal.

“And I had another way of doing it. I told you the way to do it.”

Speaking about Theresa May, Mr Trump explained: “I gave her advice. I said, ‘it didn’t work out. They misrepresented it. Do what you have to do.’

“And I don’t want to go exactly into it, but I would have recommended paying very little or nothing.

“Because, you know, there were things represented that turned out not to be so.”

He added: “She didn’t listen to that advice and look what happened.”


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