Vote Tory for chance of nuclear war Dominic Cummings in sensational election day attack

Dominic Cummings on plan to 'get rid' of Boris Johnson

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Britons are being asked today, on May 5, to vote in local council elections. In a sign of how far he has shifted since leaving his role as the Prime Minister’s chief aide, Mr Cummings has implored them to do anything but vote Conservative.

The Vote Leave co-founder accused the Tory party of being “intellectually, politically and organisational rancid”.

He added that, because of this, changing leader “may well not change these dynamics”.

But in the short-term, the most important action in his vision is the removal of the “pointless” and “f****d” Boris Johnson from office.

Mr Cummings wrote in a post on Twitter that a vote for the Tories is, among other things, a vote for “more taxes, regulation, s**t bureaucracy, violent/sex crime [and] NHS neglect”.

Perhaps his most sensational claim was that keeping Mr Johnson – and his Conservative Government – in power will produce a heightened “chance of nuclear war”.

Here, Mr Cummings refers to the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war, and the UK’s position in it.

Communications form Downing Street have, since the war began, focussed primarily on ways in which the country can back Ukraine – that is, with arms and financial support – rather than on ways to facilitate a speedy peace process.

In a blog post published towards the end of March, Mr Cummings warned “we should be encouraging a deal but our idiocracy wants the war to continue”.

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He alleged the “Prime Minister’s team thinks the war helps him politically”.

In another election-day post, Mr Cummings said it was “irrational” to “prop up” Mr Johnson by voting Tory on a council level.

This comes after a Russian state TV host warned Britain could be “plunged into the sea” by an underwater nuclear strike sent from the Kremlin.

The former aide did not comment on the prospect of a Labour victory in the local elections, despite the party holding very similar views regarding the Russo-Ukraine conflict.

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Critics described Mr Cummings’ vision of the Tory party as “sad”.

Tory Lord Moylan responded in a post on Twitter that Mr Cummings had transformed “from King of the Universe to vox in deserto clamans in a few easy steps”.

He jibed: “Not even his new anti-Boris friends listen to him now.”

Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney, however, claims the Conservative Party has spent the past 12 years governing “to the left of Blair” and is responsible for “more immigration each year, more tax [and] more spending.”

He told “Dom Cummings isn’t even a conservative, but through his extensive work analysing what the public want and why our Government doesn’t work, he has come to the same conclusion the Bow Group came to more than a decade ago – conservatism wins elections and is what the public want, progressive woke nonsense isn’t.

“So long as the Conservatives fail to see that, so long as they will fail in Government and in elections.”

Mr Harris-Quinney added: “The Conservatives only have themselves to blame when the public call time on this utter fiasco.”

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