‘We want our waters back!’ Boris told to use new Brexit powers to BAN EU supertrawlers

Brexit: Johnson discusses ban on ‘hoover’ EU fishing trawlers

The UK finally cut all ties with the European Union at 11pm on New Year’s Eve – four-and-a-half years after the historic referendum vote that saw the country vote to leave the 28-member bloc after 47 years of membership. Britain had entered an 11-month Brexit transition period, in which time the country remained locked to the EU’s rules around the Customs Union and Single Market. But the UK has now broken free from the EU shackles, affording Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit Britain several new powers to grow and flourish outside of the EU.

In the latest Express.co.uk poll, readers voted for Mr Johnson to use these new powers to ban huge supertrawlers from the bloc plundering British waters and hoovering up fish in those seas.

The poll, which ran from 3pm on Thursday January 7 until 7am on Friday January 8, asked: “What should Boris Johnson use new powers for after leaving EU?”

The options were available to readers were: Ban EU supertrawlers; VAT cuts on household energy bills; give UK science a huge cash boost through state aid; sign huge free trade deals; toughen UK borders; “don’t know” and “other”.

Forty-four percent or 2,291 of the 5,168 readers that voted said Mr Johnson should ban EU supertrawlers in British waters, while 28 percent (1,405 readers) would like the Prime Minister to toughen the country’s borders and make it a safer country.

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Fifteen percent (745 readers) want Mr Johnson to use the newly afforded powers to sign more huge trade deals, with seven percent (310 readers) voting on VAT cuts to household energy bills and five percent (291 readers) opting to give UK science a huge cash boost through state aid.

Just one percent (74 readers) voted “other”, while less than one percent (52 readers) were undecided.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “What he needs to do is give our trawlermen back their waters and ban foreign vessels, especially supertrawlers.

“Fishing may not be that important as an industry, but he promised, and if he breaks that promise it will definitely come back to haunt him.”

A second person said: “Out the EU supertrawlers and start rounding up migrants that need to be processed outside of the UK with NO BENEFITS.

“Repatriate dual nationality terrorists back to where they came from with no right to family life. The family can follow.”

Another reader believes the UK could say billions of pounds by tightening the borders and strengthening the legal system.

They said: “Get rid of all the illegal immigrants. Get the police to do it so they can give the motorists a break.

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“Get all the foreign prisoners out of our jails and sent back to where they came from.

“Any foreigner committing a crime and found guilty should face immediate deportation. No appeal, just like the Swiss do.

“If all of this is implemented, it will save us billions every year.”

A fourth reader said Mr Johnson should be using every new power now at his disposal, adding: “I’ve had to go for ‘other’ as we should be doing all of it.

“We are one nation now and shouldn’t have to choose what we can do.”

Last weekend, Mr Johnson told The Andrew Marr Show having left the EU, the UK “will be able to ban these huge hoover trawlers that come in and hoover up everything off the bottom of the sea”.

The Prime Minister has been urged to follow through on his pledge to ban massive EU supertrawlers regularly plundering UK waters, with a petition launched that has already more than 42,000 signatures.

The Government will be required to respond and debate the issue in the House of Commons should the petition pass 100,000 signatures.

Supertrawlers from the EU are regular visitors to UK waters, and while there is no suggestion they are operating illegally, environmentalists have claimed they are to blame them for the deaths of dolphins and other marine wildlife.

In 2019, supertrawlers fished in 39 of the UK’s marine protected areas, while in the first half of last year, 23 supertrawlers (mostly Dutch and Russian) fished in 19 marine protected areas.

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