‘We’re obsessed with Christmas!’ IDS rages in post-December lockdown warning for 2021

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Tory MP and former Conservative leader, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, insisted the country had quickly become obsessed with Christmas celebrations during the coronavirus crisis. While speaking on Sky News, he warned that it may have been more consistent to still have significant restrictions in place over Christmas. He added that if a large coronavirus spike happens, the country again could be forced into another lockdown in 2021.

He insisted this would be terrible for businesses up and down the country and make it more difficult to move on from the impacts of the virus.

Sir Iain said: “One comment I would make is that we have got rather obsessed about Christmas.

“I would rather have seen a lower level of tiering perhaps with a lower expectation of Christmas.

“This is because it would be more consistent, yes it is lovely to see all the families and extended families but I think the important thing is not to lurch back into a lockdown after Christmas.

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“This would be devastating to businesses and I think that is the key problem that we face.”

Despite his criticisms, Sir Iain also warned of the Government being too heavy-handed in their approach.

He claimed that the public will simply begin to ignore restrictions if they feel they are unfair.

He said: “I think we have got to be very careful about being overzealous in trying to dictate to people.

“People, for the most part, are sensible and will do the right thing.

“Some communities have a greater difficulty understanding what to do, that is a case of explaining it to them.

“If we start doing things like what I saw outside the House of Commons the other day, five policemen arresting a 72-year-old woman and chucking her in the back of a van, this is over the top.

“We have got to very careful that we don’t trash our normal civil liberties in pursuit of trying to control this virus.”

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The Tory MP also reiterated the importance of the Government and public working together in combating coronavirus.

He added: “We need to take people with us, if they start to believe, as some do already, that we are using this as a way of trying to take control beyond normal circumstances and what is necessary then you will simply get an eruption that goes in the opposite direction.

“People will simply say ‘I am not going to bother’ and we need people to cooperate and do the right thing.”

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