What is the point of the EU?! Brussels told to walk the walk after Putin declares war

Russia: EU facing ‘existential question’ says Adam Parsons

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Sky News correspondent, Adam Parsons discussed the invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces. Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to attack Ukraine, despite global pushback from Western political leaders who threatened Mr Putin with financial sanctions. Mr Parsons questioned the point of having a European Union, as the Union has been unable to maintain peace and stop the war. Mr Parsons also claimed that the threat of financial sanctions has done nothing to deter Mr Putin, and more needed to be done to de-escalate the tensions between the two neighbouring European countries.

Mr Parsons said: “Well I think they’ve heard this rhetoric before and to be frank, Russia has now invaded Ukraine.

“Nobody has any doubt that Russia has got military might, but at the same time, I think the EU and this is a word we’ve overused does face an existential question, about what is the point of the European Union.

“Because this body of 27 countries, ranging from the very rich to the not so rich, exists predominately to maintain peace in Europe.

“That’s one of the fundamentals of it.”

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Mr Parsons added: “Now you’ve got to walk the walk.

“So they came up with a package of sanctions, they have been talking sanctions.

“And they released them actually almost at the same time as Russia began this invasion.

“We got these details finally, of the sanctions package against Russia, all that talk hasn’t done anything to deter Mr Putin.

Boris Johnson calls Putin a 'blood stained aggressor'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, like many other political leaders, slammed Putin’s actions whilst he announced brutal sanctions on Russia.

The Prime Minister said: “Countries that together comprise about half of the world economy are now engaged in maximising the pressure, economic pressure, on one which makes up a mere two per cent.

“For our part, today the UK is announcing the largest and most severe package of economic sanctions that Russia has ever seen.”

The Prime Minister continued: “These powers will enable us to totally exclude Russian banks from the UK financial system, which is of course by far the largest in Europe, stopping them from accessing Sterling and clearing payments through the UK.

“And with around half of Russia’s trade currently in US dollars and sterling, I am pleased to tell the House the United States is taking similar measures.

“These powers will also enable us to ban Russian state and private companies from raising funds in the UK, banning dealing with their securities and making loans to them.

“We will limit the amount of money that Russian nationals will be able to deposit in their UK bank accounts.”

Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss has also condemned President Putin and had warned him previously that repercussions in the form of drastic sanctions would be placed on his country if he were to invade Ukraine soil.

Mr Truss wrote: “With so much at stake, the United Kingdom is leading the charge to rally international support for Ukraine and to respond alongside our allies with strength.

“That’s why we have been at the forefront in supplying defensive weapons and economic support to Ukraine.

“The UK is proud to lead by example.”

Ms Truss added: “Our unprecedented package of sanctions will leave no corner of his regime unscathed.

“At this defining moment, we stand with Ukraine, its people and its democracy and will continue to support them economically, politically and defensively.

“They have risked their lives to choose freedom and are ready to do so again.

“We cannot – and will not – rest until the Russian economy pays the price and Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are restored.”

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