What they touch, they damage EU dubbed an utter disaster as woeful jab rollout savaged

EU vaccine rollout labelled 'ineffectual' by Robert Oulds

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Think tank Bruges Group’s director Robert Oulds insisted the European Union is a very ineffective and inefficient body. During an interview with Express.co.uk, the co-author of Moralitis: A Cultural Virus alongside co-author Dr Niall McCrae, argued Brusselss had made multiple failures. He argued the reason the bloc had not successfully been able to administer the coronavirus vaccine across their members was because they are an inefficient institution.

He added that this inefficiency is clear in other political aspects like their food and fisheries policy.

Mr Oulds said: “It seems you don’t just have to worry about the Indian variant, the EU are also worried about the Indian variant of the vaccine.

“Presuming the vaccine is safer than contracting Covid and there is evidence to suggest that the vaccine is making it less transmissible and those who get infected by this variant are impacted by it less severely.

“It is not necessarily stopping the spread of cases but there are certainly less hospitalisations and less deaths.”

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Mr Oulds went on to attack the European Union for their failure to handle the pandemic correctly

He said: “The European Union has been ineffectual.

“They have not managed to properly get their vaccines out because everything the EU touches they damage and do not do efficiently.

“Their agricultural policy is a disaster, their common fisheries policy was a disaster, their monetary policy has been a disaster, their schemes to deal with the debt problems of the EU has created has been a disaster.

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“Everything they touch does not work efficiently.”

Mr Oulds closed by joking about the Europeans love for football and reflected on the Euro 2020 final.

He said: “The one thing the Europeans can do is play football.

“But we will get them back later, perhaps in 20202.

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“I suppose we will see about that one, if there is a change in manager in England that might actually happen.”

Mr Oulds insisted it was a good thing that the UK was no longer a part of the European Union.

He reiterated that if the UK was still a member the UK’s vaccine rollout would not have been nearly as fast. 

The British Government confirmed last week all adults in the country had been offered to book their first dose of the vaccine.

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