Widdecombe blasts nebulous Starmer whose victory rests on Conservative failures

Labour: Widdecombe says Starmer’s policy’s are ‘nebulous’

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Ms Widdecombe spoke to Express.co.uk about the future of the Labour Party and whether Sir Keir could ever pose a serious threat to Boris Johnson. Ms Widdecombe argued Sir Keir fails to tap into big, emotive issues which the public can rally behind and offers nothing “distinctive” with his leadership. The former MEP then delivered a stinging put down of Sir Keir as she dissected the failures of Labour under his rule.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Ms Widdecombe was asked what she would do differently if she was Labour leader to try and turn around the party’s fortunes.

Labour lost the critical Hartlepool by-election which had been a safe seat for many years.

The Batley and Spen by-election was also closely fought with a narrow Labour victory in another safe seat.

The Conservatives also led by 11 points in the polls in May with 43 percent to Labour’s 32 percent. Labour has closed the gap to 39 percent to 35 percent, according to Politico.

Giving her verdict on Labour, Ms Widdecombe said: “Now, let’s take a very obvious point with Afghanistan and the interpreters.

“He hasn’t asked a single question on it this year and hasn’t raised an official opposition to debate on it.

“Now, given how strongly the British people felt about those who’ve tried to help us as previously, they have felt so strongly about the Gurkhas.

“Why didn’t he tap into that? But he didn’t, he just didn’t and if you say to me, what would I do differently?

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“Hang on, you tell me what his policy on anything is and I’ll tell you how I would do it differently.

“I don’t know what his policies on anything, are because it’s all just nebulous.”

Ms Widdecombe then looked at previous Labour leaders and noted Tony Blair was “very clever” as he offered the Tory agenda without the Tories.

She explained Mr Blair won over the public by selling Labour as a safe pair of hands who could carry out familiar policies.

Ms Widdecombe then explained Sir Keir did not offer anything distinctive like Mr Blair so people did not know what they were voting for.

The former Conservative minister added Sir Keir could only win the next election if the Tories suffered a massive failure.

Sir Keir Starmer has been repeatedly criticised for not offering a strong stance on core topics.

The Fabian Society think tank published his “The Road Ahead” pamphlet which aimed to address these criticisms.

But critics also attacked the document for not offering specific solutions or policies.

Sir Keir has been challenged on the issue before and stated it is difficult for an opposition party to get its voice heard during a pandemic.

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