Widdecombe snaps at Remainers scheming to get UK back in EU – ‘We wanted to be in charge!’

Brexit: UK 'wanted to be in charge' says Widdecombe

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe spoke with TalkRadio’s Robbie Rinder and discussed remainers hope to get the UK back in the EU. Miss Widdecombe argued this would be counterproductive and would see the UK go in on worst terms than when it left. She added the British people had decided they were tired of the EU and wanted out.

She also claimed the UK was doing quite well with Brexit and this would continue.

Miss Widdecombe said: “It is important that we do not rejoin the EU for the very simple reason is it wouldn’t even be under the old terms.

“We would most certainly have to sign up to the Euro.

“Secondly, once bitten, twice shy.

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“We didn’t come out of the EU because it was all going so wonderfully for us.

“We came out out of the EU because we were tired of being told by an unelected Commission what it was that we had to do.

“We wanted to be in charge of our own laws and our own trade deals.

“We wanted things decided in our own Parliament, that is what we wanted and that is what we got.

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“I think we are doing very well with it.”

The TalkRadio host also questioned how Miss Widdecombe felt about the accusations from remainers that Brexit supporters lied.

She answered: “Their side of the argument lied to the British people.

“You think of project fear and all that we were told was going to happen immediately after just a vote.

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“None of it actually happened.”

Miss Widdecombe also reflected on her contributions to Brexit through the Brexit Party.

She admitted she wouldn’t have believed someone who would have told her she would eventually leave the Tory Party and join the Brexit Party.

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