You want to be critical of us Cleverly shuts down Sky News host

James Cleverly shuts down ‘lack of talent’ question

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James Cleverly hit out at Sky News presenter Niall Patterson over Suella Braverman’s return to Cabinet. She returned as Home Secretary six days after launching an attack on Ms Truss when she was forced from the role over a breach of the Ministerial Code. The presenter asked: “There will be people who will question the integrity of a new Prime Minister who returns someone to the great offices of state a handful of days after she was sacked from it.

“Is there that much of a lack of talent in Conservative talents these days that Suella Braverman is truly the only person who can do the job? That’s what it looks like!”

Mr Cleverly replied: “You want to be critical of us politicians and of course that is an important part of function of scrutiny.

“The simple fact of the matter is Suella has a very clear idea and set out a very clear idea about getting control of our borders which is incredibly important, cracking down on crime.

“She made an error, she apologised for that and it’s clear that the commitment that she’s made to crack down on crime is an important one for all of us and that’s what the Prime Minister appointed her.”

On his first day as Prime Minister, Mr Sunak culled nearly a dozen of Ms Truss’s top-tier ministers including Jacob Rees-Mogg before reviving the careers of ousted frontbenchers.

The new Tory leader warned the UK is facing a “profound economic crisis” and braced the nation for “difficult decisions” as he criticised his predecessor’s record.

Eager to reassure the markets, Mr Sunak maintained Mr Hunt’s position in the Treasury after he was brought in to secure the economy after Ms Truss’s disastrous mini-budget.

The cost of Government borrowing dropped and the pound rallied to the highest level since before the chaos, as Mr Hunt warned it will be “tough” ahead of his Halloween financial statement.

Suella Braverman enters No.10 as Sunak names Cabinet

Boris Johnson’s loyalists who stayed close to Ms Truss were among the 11 ministers who were out of government, while Mr Sunak rewarded allies with Cabinet roles.

A No 10 source said that the new Cabinet “brings the talents of the party together” and that it reflects a “unified party”.

Mr Raab won the positions of Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary, roles he held under Mr Johnson before being sacked by Ms Truss.


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The chief rebel behind Ms Truss’s U-turn on the top rate of income tax, Mr Gove returned to the Levelling Up Secretary role he was dismissed from after telling Mr Johnson to quit.

Steve Barclay, who supported both of Mr Sunak’s bids for the Tory leadership, became Health Secretary, returning to the role he lost under Ms Truss.

Grant Shapps was demoted from the top of the Home Office to Business Secretary to allow Ms Braverman’s return, as Kemi Badenoch clung on to Trade Secretary.

Having two popular figures on the Conservative right in prominent positions will be seen as a bid to bring together the warring party.

Penny Mordaunt came out of the reshuffle as Commons Leader, failing to win promotion after she challenged Mr Sunak for the leadership.

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