11-stone dog dubbed real-life Clifford visits groomers in unbelievable footage

A dog has taken the internet by storm and dubbed "real-life Clifford" due to its enormous size and its thick layer of fur coat.

Video showing the gigantic Alaskan malamute, which weighs over 11 stone, sits on top of a table while a groomer is getting ready to give it a wash.

While the groomer is brushing the fur, he looks completely dwarfed by the husky lookalike.

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Comparing to the size of the 2L Sprite bottle on the table, viewers were "in awe" to realise that the dog is massive in size.

"This giant Alaskan malamute is a selectively bred Malamute that exceeds 70kg in weight and 70cm of height, originally bred to pull heavy goods between cities throughout Alaska," they said in the caption.

"They have been recorded to pull loads up to 500kg (78 stone)."

Viewers were stunned and some suspected the video was edited to make the dog look massive.

One commented: "If that lad sat on your lap, you would disappear completely!"

"Definitely not a lap dog," a second reassured.

A third added: "You wouldn't need a doggy bag, you would need a doggy dump truck to pick up after it."

Some called it a "real-life Clifford the red big dog", with a man sharing: "I thought Clifford was fiction!"

"The dog is supposed to be red!" another referred to the dog in the movie of the same name.

Alaskan malamute is particularly popular in northern China due to the cold weather, the breed is descended from the Arctic wolf and is often mistaken as huskies.

Like all dogs, they love company and enjoy being challenged so they can use their intelligence.

A bored or lonely Malamute will wreak havoc on your house and garden. They can be challenging and need consistency and patience as well as constant exercise and lots of company.


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