2 Calgary bridges and a popular path closed due to safety risks will reopen soon

The City of Calgary is reopening two bridges and a connecting pathway in North Glenmore Park next month, after they were closed over structural concerns.

Jason Lin, senior structural engineer for the city’s transportation infrastructure, told Global News the bridges and pathway were opened to the public following completion in July 2018.

However, they were closed once the city became aware of potential structural concerns in November of last year.

The city is now constructing temporary shoring for the bridges. However, permanent structural modifications will still be needed.

Those who frequent the pathway are questioning how this could have happened in the first place.

“Weren’t they approved by the city initially?” Peggy Baxter asked.

“I was very disappointed to see that it only lasted about 12 months before the bridge collapsed,” Ken Potma said. “I’m gobsmacked.”

Lin said the bridges were inspected by the consulting engineering team and the city prior to opening in 2018, but it did not become aware of the structural issues until more than a year later.

Calgarian Gus Rook wants to know who will be paying to fix the problem: the city or the contractor?

“I think the City of Calgary dropped the ball actually. They should have had that engineered 100 per cent,” Rook said.

“Guaranteed the city of Calgary taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for whatever damages.”

“The city is working with all companies involved to determine the reasons behind why these structural issues occurred,” Lin said. “This work is currently ongoing.”

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