A New Aperitif With Cherry Flavor

Most of the newly popular aperitifs on the market are inspired by European-style amaros and vermouths, with strongly bitter or sweet flavors. But Haus, a wine-based collection from Sonoma County, Calif., sings its own tune, notably with Spiced Cherry, its newest flavor, neither bitter nor sweet, but fruity and tangy. It enlivens a manhattan or a cocktail like the aviation that calls for maraschino liqueur. Helena and Woody Hambrecht, who founded the company in 2019, start with unoaked chardonnay to which they add fresh herbs, botanicals, spices and fruit, minimal sweetening, and no artificial ingredients or colors. Haus aperitifs can be sipped on their own, chilled or on the rocks, mixed in a spritz or combined in cocktails. All are 18 to 20 percent alcohol, and there are six varieties. Haus is mostly sold online, $35 a bottle (750 milliliters) or $40 for four 200 milliliter (6.76 ounce) samplers.

Haus Apéritifs, drink.haus.

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