Abandoned McDonalds site is like a time-capsule stuck in the 1980s

A video has emerged of a social media user exploring an abandoned McDonald's restaurant.

The eatery in the US state of Oregon appeared to have closed around 2007, but some of the furnishing inside are thought to be from the mid-1980s.

A number of commenters on the video claimed that it looked like the restaurant was once a Taco Bell, the popular Mexican fast-food chain, before it was a McDonalds.

The top comment on the video said: "The first part was definitely a Taco Bell." This was due to a faded pink and blue colour scheme that was often associated with the other chain.

It appeared as if the restaurant's furniture and equipment were left behind, likely because much of it was dated and would not have been much use to other McDonald's locations.

Previous reporting by the site Snopes showed another restaurant with the same colour scheme that was a McDonalds and had nothing to do with Taco Bell.

According to the full-length video posted on YouTube, the McDonald’s restaurant may have been closed and abandoned in 2007. Its location was not disclosed by the video’s creator, @triangleofmass, likely to keep his whereabouts anonymous and secret.

The website Snopes interviewed the explorer behind the account, and asked about the abandoned fast-food restaurant.

He said: "What surprised me was the fact that everything was intact inside and nothing was really damaged. It’s almost like someone could buy the building and put something in there right away with everything just there. It totally gives off this amazing retro vibe that is very nice.”

They also asked why exploration videos are so popular, to which he replied:

"“I honestly think abandoned places are so fascinating [because] everything was at one point active, and the fact that stuff was just left behind… there’s history left there,” he said. “Someone may have walked those halls, and now everything is just so different. It’s no longer active. [It] just sits there decaying.”

“Some of these locations are honestly breathtaking and the fact that I have the ability to show someone my work is amazing, but nothing would ever do a place justice unless you were to explore and see what it’s all about!”

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