‘Absolutely terrible’: Video shows dog thrown from ute

Video has emerged on social media showing a dog go flying from a ute as it makes a sharp turn, prompting horror from critics who questioned the actions of the dog’s owner.

The video, shot earlier this month in Levin, shows a large double-cab ute turning sharply into a service lane as a dog is seen hanging out of the rear driver’s-side window, which is nearly fully open.

As the vehicle rounds the corner, the dog is thrown onto the road.

The video shows the animal getting up and running after the ute.

“That is absolutely terrible!! No respect, there’s a dog in the back,” said one outraged commenter.

“That’s why dog harnesses and seat belts were invented,” said another.

One person said they “felt sick” after watching the footage, which prompted others to point out solutions are available to secure dogs in cars.

“This is the exact reason me and my partner spent $150 on a car harness so he’s secured in properly and can go out as far as the belt will let him,” someone wrote.

“This is why such things as window grates were invented. If you’re going to have your dog loose in the vehicle, get one of those. It allows airflow without risking the dog flying out,” another person added.

The witness who shot the video told the Herald that the dog appeared to be okay and that the driver stopped 50m down the road, opening a door to allow the dog to jump back in.

He said the driver didn’t appear to be speeding and pointed out that the camber of the road may have contributed to the dog falling.

In advice posted to their website, the SPCA recommends that pet owners keep windows up or just slightly open, stating: “If your pet can get their head out then they can get completely out!”

“The safest way for a dog to travel in a vehicle is contained in a crate that has been securely anchored,” the SPCA says.

“An alternative is to use a properly fitted dog harness that has passed safety-tests and is securely attached to the vehicle as directed by the manufacturer.”

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