Adult movie set raided by armed police after adult stars spotted with firearms

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    Police officers raced to a manor house after reports of an armed raid, only to find out it was a porn movie being made.

    Passers by told the police they saw men with guns lurking around the property and walking the grounds.

    However, upon entering the property, the suspicious men were identified as actors dressed as security guards with fake firearms.

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    British porn star Danny D spoke to Happy Hour Podcast about the shocking incident.

    Sharing some of the strangest stories he’s experienced from set, Danny revealed a string of interesting tales, including fellow actors experiencing incontinence in the middle of scenes.

    But perhaps most shockingly, Danny told the story of when armed police turned up on set and barged into their film.

    He revealed that he was filming a movie with “henchmen” and recruited bouncers from the local club to show up in black suits and “dotted them around the grounds” of a “luxury manor house” somewhere in the Home Counties.

    They were armed with fake firearms, however the property had a public footpath that ran through the bottom of the garden. Two passing ramblers caught the exact moment Danny pulled up in a car surrounded by henchmen and started getting “frisked” while filming. He revealed that the walkers then called the police.

    The cast continued filming inside until the production had to come to a premature halt after someone burst into the room shouting: “Police, Police, the Old Bill’s here.”

    In a panic, the cast put their clothes back on and went outside to talk to the police.

    Danny, 35, told the Happy Hour podcast: "Everything we were doing was legal so we just needed to get dressed. I went out and told the officers, 'They're fake guns and we've hired the whole location exclusively. We've done everything we can to protect the public'. They were cool and just needed to make sure the firearms weren't real.”

    After an inspection of the firearms and a friendly chat, Danny revealed that the coppers were happy with what they were doing and left them to it. The film was then resumed and completed.

    The porn star also shared that he had been “pooed” on twice, sharing: “it can be really tough, but it’s tough for everyone in the room. The girl did not do it on purpose, it’s natural, it’s her body at the end of the day. It’s awkward for them and for me.”


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