Adult star lured rapper boyfriend to rivals to carry out revenge attack

Four people allegedly involved in the attempted murder of rapper Simba La Rue, who was stabbed last June, have been arrested.

Among those that were arrested was La Rue's girlfriend, porn star Barbara Boscalia, 31, who has been accused of helping the rapper's rivals with an act of revenge.

A feud between La Rue and rapping adversary Baby Touché appears to have bubbled over, with Simba also arrested along with Baby Gang and nine other members of the entourage for a brawl and shooting that took place in July.

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The Milanese-based crimes have been a "response" to a stabbing, which was a response to a kidnapping.

La Rue's stabbing appeared to have been a response to the kidnapping of Baby Touché, which occurred at the beginning of June where another person was involved in a set up.

Another woman, Sara Ben Salah, was apparently involved in a trap that subsequently ended in the kidnapping of Touché, which Simba had allegedly orchestrated with a group of friends, who beat the rival rapper.

But La Rue appears to have been allegedly betrayed by girlfriend Boscali, who said that she would "suffer to think that I have betrayed the person I love in this way."

Speaking to her boyfriend on the phone around the time of the series of attacks, Boscali said: "I wanted to tell you this thing, that son of a b***h you know who he is, told me he would come alone to talk to you and he would humiliate you.

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"He was afraid of your friends, and by himself he would have been able to talk to you and at the most give you a few slaps, he hasn't even come, he has sent his friends."

Accusations have since been made against rapper Baby Gang and Simba, the stage names of Zaccaria Mouhib and Mohamed Lamine Saida, who allegedly ambushed and attacked two men at a club.

During the fight, gunfire broke out while Simba is said to have beaten one person with his crutches, agi reported.

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The pair were subsequently arrested for the altercation, marking it the second time the pair had been arrested this year, with the first in February for two alleged robberies, one of which was armed.

The current Milanese investigation has since tapped the phone of La Rue, with a call between La Rue and Boscali intercepted that hear the pair argue with one another.

Boscali, who is said to have cheated on her boyfriend, also took to Twitter where she alleged that La Rue had beaten her on a previous occasion.

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