Aiden Aslins mum told Putins torturers to f*** off when they sent sick pics

The mum of Aiden Aslin, one of the Brits captured by Russia while fighting for Ukraine, told Vladimir Putin's torturers to "f*** off" after they sent sick videos of her son.

Aiden, 28, along with Shaun Pinner, 48, John Harding, 59, Dylan Healy, 22, and Andrew Hill, 35, arrived in the UK on Thursday (September 22) following a prisoner swap brokered by ex-Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Russian forces captured Aiden, from Newark in Nottinghamshire, back in April when he was fighting as a Ukrainian Marine.

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He was sentenced to death following a sham trial in the Putin-controlled Donetsk People's Republic.

Aiden's mum Angela Wood, 51, has revealed that she was contacted by Russian soldiers throughout her son's five months in captivity.

She was sent videos of Aiden with his hands tied while the soldiers keeping him in prison tormented him.

The soldiers also told mum-of-three Angela that she would only see Aiden alive again if she put pressure on Boris Johnson to facilitate the release of oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk.

Shaun Pinner's family were sent similar images after he was captured by the Russians during the siege of Mariupol in April.

Speaking to The Sun, Angela explained how she'd receive the videos on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

She said: "It was extremely hard to deal with — but we refused to play their games. As a mum, you’ll do everything to stop your children being harmed.

"You don’t want to see your son tied and bound. I could hear Russians in the background demanding things.

"But I refused to be cowed so I fought back. I told them to f*** off every time."

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She went on to thank the Ukrainian ambassador, MPs, the Foreign Office and the families of the other captured Brits for their support throughout the ordeal.

She also sent an emotional message to Abramovich, who remains sanctioned by Britain.

"I want to thank you so much. I’ll forever be grateful," she said.


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