Airlines forced to cancel half-term flights after Mount Etnas violent eruption

Mount Etna's violent eruption has led to a series flight cancellations which could be bad news for Brit holidaymakers.

It has shown some new and alarming activity, causing a ruckus amongst travellers who will see more and more half-term flights delayed and called off.

Following Canary Islands’ catastrophic volcanic eruptions, British travellers are now anticipating another popular vacation destination potentially being swiped out of their half-term plans.

Indeed, Mount Etna, located in Sicily, reportedly violently spewed clouds of ash and smoke high into the sky yesterday morning.

Consequently, cars and streets in Sicilian villages were covered with fire remnants.

Reports have confirmed that these were Mount Etna’s most violent activities this year.

According to Volcano Discovery, the Italian volcano’s eruption was characterised by “several collapse events on the eastern sides of the crater, which generated pyroclastic flows”.

Volcano Discovery explains that pyroclastic flows are “hot turbulent avalanches of loose lava material”, and that they are “extremely fast-moving” and “dangerous as everything in their path is being destroyed”.

As clouds of smoke and ash have spread into the sky, extending in towns over 20 miles away, and because of the volcano’s location on the east coast of Sicily, the majority of planes flying across Italy have faced minor disturbances.

Nevertheless, French meteorological services have revealed that Etna’s ash cloud is now expected to travel straight over Greece, which would cause further aerial disruptions.

Consequently, several airlines have been forced to cancel their half-term flights en route to Athens from the UK.

British Airways has reportedly had to cancel two flights already, leaving certain passengers in total frustration.

As a matter of fact, some travellers have said to be furious following the news of their flight from London Heathrow to Athens being cancelled “with less than an hour's notice”.

A person tweeted: “Are European flights to be affected by Mount Etna erupting???” to which a disappointed user replied: “My flight to Greece was cancelled.”

Another concerned passenger used Twitter to receive more information from Easyjet.

He wrote: “Hi. I'm due to fly to Athens from Manchester tomorrow. However, I've just seen the news around Mount Etna erupting and flights into Athens being cancelled.

“Can you confirm if this will affect my flights tomorrow? Thanks”

The traveller’s tweet has yet to receive a response from the low-cost airline.

A passenger coped with the situation with some humour, as he tweeted: “First proper holiday after 2 years. 10 days of Sicily. Splendid weather. Roadtrips. What could go wrong?

“Etna erupts 2 days before our return to the UK. Ash covering whole villages.

“Some flights cancelled. Gods laughing. Sandworms coming soon I guess.”

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