Alleged son of DeLorean creator to make cars for the Taliban after court case

A man claiming to be the son of the DeLorean car creator has said he will start making vehicles for the Taliban.

Ty DeLorean, who changed his name via deed poll from Benjamin Granger, had his newly designed automobiles struck down in a court case, where a High Court ruled he was breaching DeLorean copyright.

The 40-year-old claims to be the son of car legend John DeLorean and is refusing to relent in designing cars under the DMC banner.

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Worldwide interest in the "Back to the Future" design has been cited by Ty, who even said he'd be designing cars for "the Taliban".

His comments come after he was ordered to pay £20k in legal costs to the DeLorean Motor Company in Texas, who had brought the copyright infringement claim on Ty.

Despite the financial setback, Ty claims clients from around the world are in touch with him, ignoring the ruling placed on him.

He said: "The ruling is an absolute joke to be honest. The judge said it was an admirable enterprise and loved the car and everything I was doing.

"He said the situation was bold and complex and that I deserved respect and appreciation and then fined me £20k. Talk about contradiction – I told him I haven't even sold any cars yet."

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But who to sell the cars to will provide no problem at all, according to Ty, who said that he has had "contact from the Taliban" over his designs.

Ty continued: "I've been called a boffin and an inventor – and my prototype has been lauded all over the world. All people want my product – I've had contact from the Taliban and other governments around the world. There is no reason for me to stop.

Even after the hefty legal costs, Ty is relentless in making sure he can make his cars, saying: "They can keep attacking me but I have no money to pay it and will petition for bankruptcy so they won't see a penny.

"I am more than ready to speak to the Taliban again now and pick up the orders. I will do business with anyone. I've got nothing to lose and that makes me more dangerous."

The alleged son of John DeLorean also stated he has "no intention of removing my father's stolen trademark" from his cars, Metro reported.

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