Amazed fishermen catching monster 600-pound tunas compared to Jaws

Fishermen have been left stunned after hundreds of giant tuna have appeared in the waters near New York City – weighing up to a whopping 600 pounds.

This rare influx has sparked a bluefin "phenomenon" as shocked fishermen rush to the Rockaways and Jones Beach in pursuit of a monstrous Atlantic bluefin tuna.

The bluefish, which can grow to 13 feet long and weigh up to 2,000 pounds, are usually found 40 to 100 miles from the shore but are now being caught just a mile away from the beach.

Shocked fisherman claim they have seen a spike in the size of tuna since the early summer and say they are now regularly catching fish between 200 to 600 pounds, reports New York Post.

Kyle Colesanti, 29, said he has been targeting the fish for three months and has been successful in his search – he compared catching the bluefish to a "Jaws" scenario.

"Boats would catch the occasional 'ghost', which is what we always referred to tuna as because we would see them – jumping and busting on the surface – but never catch them," he said.

Another fisherman called Richard Colombo, 43, decided to pursue the Atlantic bluefin for the first time this summer.

"We’ve never ever caught them like this," he told New York Post.

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"You see 200 boats out there and each is hooking a tuna – that’s a legit fishery."

After months of failed attempts, Mr Colombo was finally able to reel in the rare sea creature in August.

"By the second week of August, everyone caught onto it, and that’s when you saw, like, 150 boats out," he said.

"We had a fish over 100 inches – that’s a 9-foot fish!"

Explaining the thrill behind the new phenomenon, he added: "It’s pound for pound the strongest fighting fish that you can hook.

"If you hook a 200-pound tuna versus a 200-pound shark, the tuna fights 10 times as hard."

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