Angela Merkel snub: Insider reveals Germany’s anger with ‘broken’ EU

An insider from the Chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) party has revealed Germany’s concerns that the concept of the EU is “frozen” and may even “break apart”. These are the words of Felix Schoenherr of the Werte Union – a group within Ms Merkel’s party which has called for a change of leadership. He said that while his group does not oppose Germany’s membership of the EU, the country is becoming increasingly concerned about the bloc’s future, and Brexit hasn’t helped this.

Mr Schoenherr told “In the general population people are angry about Brexit and disappointed about it – it isn’t just to do with regulation or economics but many people fear that the idea of the European Union is broken, or maybe it will break apart.”

The Werte Union spokesman highlighted how Brexit could also lead to more strain on Germany in the EU budget.

He said: “One problem from a German perspective is of course money because the UK contributed quite a lot to the EU, money which now breaks away.

“Of course, politicians now ask ‘who is going to step in for that?’ And it’s the Germans again.

“The Werte Union demands that the funding introduced for the EU is reduced – but we don’t want to abolish the EU.”

While the budget divisions have been parked as the coronavirus crisis becomes the priority for economies around the world, the pandemic has highlighted even more fractures in Europe. 

As countries desperately try to keep their economies going, there are fears in Germany they may be forced to bailout Southern European nations.

Professor Iain Begg told that German banks have resisted the European Central Bank’s £600billion bond-buying programme.

He said: “In political terms there has been a strong resistance, especially from Germany and some of the other creditor countries inside the eurozone to this action by the European Central Bank.

“There are two things going on here. One is for several months now the central bankers have been saying ‘we’ve done our bit!’

“Not just in relation to the health crisis, but also dealing with the slowing down of the economy after 2008.

“But the fiscal authorities – state governments – have been deficient in what they have done, they haven’t stimulated the economy appropriately.”

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Professor Begg also highlighted how countries like Germany fear that if they are always there to bailout other countries, those countries will be encouraged to take reckless action without fear of complete catastrophe.

He continued: “Some of the fallout may reemerge because – the expression used by political economists is ‘moral hazard’.

“If you give somebody insurance against a contingency that is misguided, they will be more inclined to do it.”

Mrs Merkel has opted to reopen shops in Germany while other countries such as Spain, France and the UK remain in lockdown.

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