Anti-King Charles protesters condemn monarchy in clash with shirty royalists

Large counter-protests have formed at key points along King Charles’ Coronation route blocking many revellers’ views.

Swathes of yellow packed out a corner in Trafalgar Square, the main right-hand turn of the royal procession down to Westminster Abbey.

Loud booming chants of “not my king” broke out sporadically as anti-monarchy signs and banners blocked the views of Union-Jack adorned royalists.

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Many of the protesters’ chants were met with boos from the monarchists behind as clashing bouts of “God Save the King” broke out in a bid to drown out the protests.

“They’re not a perfect institution to represent me,” Mike Ford, 62, who had come from Harlow with his husband, told the Daily Star.

“I’m very patriotic, I really am I love my country – I just don’t like the monarchy.”

Graham Smith, head of the leading anti-monarch group, Republic, of which Mike is a part, was apparently arrested protesting earlier today.

“There you go, that’s democracy at work,” Mark said.

Richard and his daughter Beth had come up from Somerset to protest.

They said both “sadness and hope” had brought them here today.

“It’s undemocratic, it’s corrupt and we think it’s on its way out,” Richard explained.

They said they were concerned about tensions between them and people out to support the king.

“We have no intent for violence or anything like that, although somebody’s just thrown a brick at us," he said.

“So yeah there is a worry about it getting a bit shirty.”

Huge yellow banners from the protestors stretched along the barricades along the route, blocking the view for many of the revellers behind.

Caron, from Devon, was one such royalist and was deeply unimpressed.

“I’ve come a long way to see this and they’re standing in my way," she said.

“I’ve paid tax money for 60 years – I want to see it and they’re getting their stupid yellow flags in the way – it’s annoying.”

She said she wouldn’t be trying to get any closer given the large crowds and small area, and so was coming to terms with the situation.

She added: “I don’t suppose we’ll see much but we’ll see a little bit – I think the police are going to try and get rid of the big flags.”

The protestors, however, thought it was worth ruffling a few feathers for the cause.

Peter from Camden, who didn’t want to give his full name because of police standing nearby, said he was concerned about children getting the wrong idea that “some people, however badly they behave, however stupid or arrogant they are, can still command our adoration and billions of pounds of our money”.

He added: “It means you’ve got no values and can be the mafia.”

Mark Jones, who had come from Wolverhampton, added: “We’ve had 70 years of the Queen, alright, but now it’s time to move on.”

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