Armed clown held diners hostage to restore Trump to president king of US

A gun-toting bloke in a clown wig held diners at a fast food restaurant hostage after telling them he sent undercover to “restore Donald Trump to the position of President King of the United States”.

The strange incident occurred in Westmoreland County, US.

Jan Stawovy, 61, burst into the Delmont branch of Dairy Queen waving a gun and a yellow safety vest – and for some reason a rainbow clown wig – and threatened everyone inside it.

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A police officer arrived within one minute, and arrested the crazed bloke, before he made the admission that he was there working “undercover” to “restore Trump to presidentr king of the United States”.

He also, chillingly, said that he wanted to “kill Democrats and liberals” and that he wanted to protected himself from “drug traffickers”.

Having been searched after the arrest he was found to have a handgun and ammo on him, while two more guns were found in his car along with a shocking 62 rounds of ammo.

According to local news reports, the strange bloke was told to leave a church he was a member of – called the New Stanton Assembly of God – and he was told to “get some professional help”, although it's not clear why this happened.

He also posted on his Facebook page the message “civil war in 2024?” alongside an image of former US president Donald Trump.

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A spokesman from the Delmont Borough Police Department said on Facebook: “We would like thank District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli for attending our Borough council meeting last evening.

"DA Ziccarelli and her administration also presented the borough with the funding to purchase two ballistic shields.

"The shields will be on patrol with our officers when responding to critical incidents and used for officer safety."

The man is currently awaiting trial for the crime.

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