Arvada police identify man they shot at and died, suspected of armed robbery at Target – The Denver Post

Arvada police have identified the man they shot at and who later died after they believed he was involved in an armed robbery at Target on June 2.

Eugene Milo Matthews, 24, is accused of menacing one person, robbing another, then menacing a third person before confronting the police. He was out on parole from the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Matthews died after he exchanged gunfire with police, according to David Snelling with Arvada Police. Police have not said if they did indeed shoot Matthews, but initial reports show he died from a self-inflected gunshot.

In 2017, Matthews was charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor second-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft charges and sentenced to four years in prison and two years probation.

In 2018, Matthews was hit with felony drug and identity theft charges and sentenced to six years in prison.

The June 2 incident began when Matthews confronted a woman in her vehicle after loading groceries outside of a Target, located at 7899 Wadsworth Blvd. He reportedly pointed a gun at her, opened the door, and the woman fled.

Moments later, at approximately 8:35 a.m., Arvada Police Officers were called for an armed robbery at the same location. A second woman said she was held at gunpoint before her phone and black GMC Yukon LX were stolen.

Police say Matthews drove north until he collided with a fire hydrant and drove through church property. He then went west into neighborhoods, colliding with a trailer and boat until the Yukon was no longer drivable.

Matthews was held up at West 81 Place and Garland Drive, APD says, when a neighbor operating an in-home daycare saw the Yukon park. Matthews confronted the person and pulled out his gun again, authorities say.

Officers made their way to this location around 8:55 a.m. when Matthews fired at least once, police say. The officers felt that they were being shot at and returned fire.

Matthews died on the scene.

Snelling says police found a gun in the Yukon.

Police are still investigating.

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